Monday, January 21, 2008

Help Puck Fly Home!!!

For those of you that have followed the threads on Pit Bull-Chat, Ucare and PitBullForum... Puck AKA "Old Man" is going to be adopted and needs to get from Vancouver, WA to Wilmington, NC.


Puck is anywhere between 9-11 years old and was found as a stray in Vancouver, WA. He was brought into the local shelter and despite his great demeanor, he was "too scruffy" to be put up for adoption. We have tested him with kids, male dogs, female dogs, a puppy, a cat and even goats.... this boy is awesome! Neutering him will curb his OBSESSION to mark everything (LOL!) and possibly slow him down a bit. This sweetheart doesn't know his age! He of course is a little rough around the edges, but with some love and good food, Puck will be able to live out the rest of his life as he has always deserved.... happy.

I have a call into his vet to get quotes so ill have exact amounts tomorrow on how much we are looking at but what we need done is:

Pre-Op bloodwork (because of his age)
Rabies Shot
Health Certificate (stating he can fly on an airplane)

Then I got his airfare quote from Delta Airlines for $335.69

Id like to also be able to purchase him an extra soft crate pad for his old, sweet bones as well as a Nylabone and a stuffed animal to give him stuff to chew on while en-route.

We were able to avoid boarding him because my wonderful and understanding husband said Puck can room here with us (and our 4 other fosters!) until his flight so that part we are good on.

I am estimating (I will know exact tomorrow when the vet gets back to me) around $550for his total.

Donations can be made directly to his vet:

Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic

and then donations for the flight and his toys can be made via paypal to:

Time is of the essence with getting this all arranged. We would like to fly him this weekend if at all possible so any, tiny bit would help greatly!!!!



Thank you to everyone who helped Puck get home! He is now living in North Carolina with a dog sister, dog brother and a loving mom and dad who opened their home and hearts to this special dog!