Friday, December 19, 2008

Vote to Ban BSL!!!

What a neat idea! It's another way to get our voices heard, just say no to Breed Specific Legislation!

Vote to Ban BSL!

Thanks for everyones support and have a Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The 2009 PNWPBR Calendar is almost here!!!

Our Calendar is back by popular demand!!

2008 was the first year that PNWPBR had it's calendar and 2009 is quickly approaching. The 2008 calendar was a great success so here's to 2009!

All proceeds of the calendar go directly to Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue and the dogs in need.

The 2009 Calendar Cover


Example pages from 2008



We would like to thank Josh Alsberg, Lisa Sauber, all of our wonderful sponsors and supporters and Spot Magazine for making this possible!

Order your calendar now before they are gone!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Help Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue win!

Help Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue win a $25,000 grant!

Vote for us at and we could win $25,000 to help pets in need.
The Animal Rescue Site is hosting a special challenge for eligible member shelter and rescue groups. The grand prize is a $25,000 grant, and they will be awarding many other grants to rescue groups with the most votes — a total of $100,000 in grants for animal welfare organizations.

Think how many animals we could help for $25,000!
Help us win! All you have to do is click to help rescued animals, and then vote in The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge. Both of these actions are absolutely free! You can vote once a day, every day, from September 29 through December 14, 2008. Every time you vote, or tell a friend to vote, you are making a huge difference for us.
Vote today!Visit:

The Animal Rescue Site

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fundraiser to help Pearl!


Pearl desperately needs surgery on both her hip and knee to be pain free and live the long active life she craves. The orthapedic surgeon who will be doing the surgery feels she will have a complete recovery and be able to function normally for the rest of her life. Pearl has already suffered for at least two years. The original vet who saw her (prior to adoption)deemed her hip problem an old injury that could not be fixed. And should not be bothering her. But her adopter was not comfortable with this diagnosis and sought help. Upon further inspection, it was found that Pearls hip is completely out of its socket AND she has a luxated patella on the same side. It WAS bothering her and it IS painful and it is definately keeping Pearl from being all the dog that she can be.

Pearl came from PNWPBR and was adopted as a dog with a healed injury that could not be fixed(As they had been told by their vet). Knowing differently now, we feel it would be unfair for her adopter to have to foot the entire bill. In fact..we would like to raise the entire amount. Both surgeries and after care will be twice the amount we are trying to raise. So we are doing our part to assist. Please help us to help Pearl.

Special thanks to
PNWPBR (Pacific North West Pit Bull Rescue)
CARS (Companion Animal Rescue Society)
DRAW (Dog Rescue Around Washington)
And to DAWN for the fabulous pictures of Pearl!

For information on how to donate, click here!
Or for those of you that prefer Paypal, the paypal address is

There has also been an account set up at the vet's for those that want to donate there directly. Mail only please.

The Animal Emergency Clinic
5608 South Durango
Tacoma, WA 98409

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

2008 ATTS Test St. Helens, OR

A huge thank you to NW Working Dogs for hosting the ATTS test this year!!

We had 15 APBT's come out and several other bully breeds. Here's the statistics:


APBT 15 13 2
AmStaff 2 1 1
Bull Terrier 2 1 1
Staffie Bull 1 1 0

Total Bullies 20 16 4

Stats are as follows:

Percentage of passing - all breeds at test: 82.85%
Percentage of bully breeds passing: 80%
Percentage of APBT passing: 86.67%

Congrats to EVERYONE and thanks for coming out. We hope to see you all at the event next year and get some more tested. Let's keep making that dent in BSL!

Here are a few pictures of the dogs who passed. We regret not getting all of the dogs, if you have pictures of the event please email them to

Amy and her dog Sandy. Sandy obtained both her CGC and TT!

Rikki and Tank

Nikki and Kuma

Lynette and Montana

Lynette and Lilly

Rhiannon and Dutchess

LeighAnn and Ruger

Lauren and Odin

Ellena and Gerkin

Carly and Sharkie

Becky and Tank


Tuesday, May 6, 2008

PNWPBR is now AnRAA Certified!

We are very proud to announce that as of March 2008, Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue is the first Certified Rescue Organization through the Animal Rescue Association of America!

It is our pleasure to advise you that you have completed and passed all of the requirements to becoming a C.R.O.!!! We will be updating your listing within 72 hours, showing your certification status. You will also receive a certificate in the mail very soon. THANK YOU for your membership and for applying for certification! Congratulations…keep up the good work. Your references raved about your program and even your vet office was very impressed with you and your group. In fact, your vet says there is a photo of you sitting with a group of PB’s all in complete control. We would love to have that picture to announce your certification on our website!



Denise E. Sproul
Executive Director
Animal Rescue Association of America
4370 NE Halsey St.
Portland, OR 97213
Fax: 1.866.855.3495


Also, for people that are wondering... PNWPBR is also a registered Non-Profit with the State of Washington.



2008 Pet and Companion Fair!!

It was PNWPBR's second year at the Pet and Companion Fair ( and a blast as usual!!!

It was great visiting with the other rescues we work with, shelters and of course catching up with some of the PNWPBR Alumni!

Oscar, formerly known as Petey, stopped by for a visit with his new mom Jenny. Jenny is a vet student at Oregon State University and she took a day out of her busy schedule to bring Oscar up to visit and share some good news with us! Oscar is now a Certified Therapy Dog as well as an Animal Assisted Crisis Responder!!! While with us Oscar acheived his Canine Good Citizen and we knew he had potential, but teamed up with his new mom, they are unstoppable! Way to go Oscar and Jenny!!

Oscar the day PNWPBR helped him obtain his CGC!

Oscar at the Pet Fair with his new Therapy Vest on!


Ouzo, formerly known as Narcissus also hung out at the booth for a while. Ouzo was one of Hera's thirteen babies that BullsEye Rescue ( graciously helped us out with. When Hera showed up in a local shelter, due to give birth anyday on a cold floor, we took her into PNWPBR even though all of our fosters were full. BullsEye gave Hera and her 13 babies a foster home and when it was time for the kids to move on, PNWPBR took back half of the kiddos while BullsEye kept the other. All but two of them have already found their forever homes! For more information about the last two adoptables, please contact BullsEye!

Ouzo at three days old!


Ouzo at the Pet Fair!

Pictures of our custom version of the "Find the Pit Bull" Game!



Our booth!






Frankie, lounging after a hard day of being petted!


LadyBug was in a fashion show.... her costume? A LadyBug of course!





Part of our hardworking PNWPBR crew at the end of the show!


We want to say thank you to everyone who came out, thank you to all of our volunteers, board members and foster homes and most of all thank the public for their continued support!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little LadyBug!

LadyBug is an 11 month old sweetheart who showed up in an area shelter when her owners "couldnt afford to care for her" anymore. When we saw LadyBug walk, we understood why.

LadyBug has mobility problems, and to what extent we are still not sure. She is being diagnosed by specialists who are working on a diagnosis. She has had X-Rays, bloodwork and a full neuro exam.

This sweetheart of a dog though has no idea that she has a problem though, this girl has HEART! Normally PNWPBR does not take medical cases such as hers because of the thousands of Pit Bulls in shelters that also need saving, but with her wonderful personality and infectious smile.... we decided that she was worth trying to help.

Right now LadyBug is on medications to help her mobility and does not seem to be in any pain per the three vets that have seen her, but her vet bills are starting to add up and we would hate for money to be what stops us from being able to help LadyBug.

If you or someone you know is able to help, even a tiny bit, LadyBug would greatly appreciate it!

Contributions to her care can be made via paypal to: or directly to her vet

Cascade Park Animal Hospital
16820 SE McGillivray Blvd.
Vancouver, Wa 98683
Phone: 360-892-2122
Fax: 360-567-3397

If you decide to pay to the vet directly, please let them know it is a Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue dog so they know what account LadyBug is under.

LadyBug thanks you, from the bottom of her sweet Pit Bull Heart!





Monday, January 21, 2008

Help Puck Fly Home!!!

For those of you that have followed the threads on Pit Bull-Chat, Ucare and PitBullForum... Puck AKA "Old Man" is going to be adopted and needs to get from Vancouver, WA to Wilmington, NC.


Puck is anywhere between 9-11 years old and was found as a stray in Vancouver, WA. He was brought into the local shelter and despite his great demeanor, he was "too scruffy" to be put up for adoption. We have tested him with kids, male dogs, female dogs, a puppy, a cat and even goats.... this boy is awesome! Neutering him will curb his OBSESSION to mark everything (LOL!) and possibly slow him down a bit. This sweetheart doesn't know his age! He of course is a little rough around the edges, but with some love and good food, Puck will be able to live out the rest of his life as he has always deserved.... happy.

I have a call into his vet to get quotes so ill have exact amounts tomorrow on how much we are looking at but what we need done is:

Pre-Op bloodwork (because of his age)
Rabies Shot
Health Certificate (stating he can fly on an airplane)

Then I got his airfare quote from Delta Airlines for $335.69

Id like to also be able to purchase him an extra soft crate pad for his old, sweet bones as well as a Nylabone and a stuffed animal to give him stuff to chew on while en-route.

We were able to avoid boarding him because my wonderful and understanding husband said Puck can room here with us (and our 4 other fosters!) until his flight so that part we are good on.

I am estimating (I will know exact tomorrow when the vet gets back to me) around $550for his total.

Donations can be made directly to his vet:

Hayden Meadows Pet Clinic

and then donations for the flight and his toys can be made via paypal to:

Time is of the essence with getting this all arranged. We would like to fly him this weekend if at all possible so any, tiny bit would help greatly!!!!



Thank you to everyone who helped Puck get home! He is now living in North Carolina with a dog sister, dog brother and a loving mom and dad who opened their home and hearts to this special dog!