Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fundraiser to help Pearl!


Pearl desperately needs surgery on both her hip and knee to be pain free and live the long active life she craves. The orthapedic surgeon who will be doing the surgery feels she will have a complete recovery and be able to function normally for the rest of her life. Pearl has already suffered for at least two years. The original vet who saw her (prior to adoption)deemed her hip problem an old injury that could not be fixed. And should not be bothering her. But her adopter was not comfortable with this diagnosis and sought help. Upon further inspection, it was found that Pearls hip is completely out of its socket AND she has a luxated patella on the same side. It WAS bothering her and it IS painful and it is definately keeping Pearl from being all the dog that she can be.

Pearl came from PNWPBR and was adopted as a dog with a healed injury that could not be fixed(As they had been told by their vet). Knowing differently now, we feel it would be unfair for her adopter to have to foot the entire bill. In fact..we would like to raise the entire amount. Both surgeries and after care will be twice the amount we are trying to raise. So we are doing our part to assist. Please help us to help Pearl.

Special thanks to
PNWPBR (Pacific North West Pit Bull Rescue)
CARS (Companion Animal Rescue Society)
DRAW (Dog Rescue Around Washington)
And to DAWN for the fabulous pictures of Pearl!

For information on how to donate, click here!
Or for those of you that prefer Paypal, the paypal address is

There has also been an account set up at the vet's for those that want to donate there directly. Mail only please.

The Animal Emergency Clinic
5608 South Durango
Tacoma, WA 98409

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