Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So much going on!

So welcome to the busy world of Pacific Northwest Pit Bull Rescue!

To date we have adopted out 30 dogs in 11 months.... thats almost 3 dogs a month!

So why 11 months you ask? Well PNWPBR offically started in July of 2006, and became offically Incorporated with the Washington Secretary of State in January of 2007.

We are a new group and we continue to grow every day. Our members are growing, the number of dogs we have helped is growing and our community is growing with us!

A short recap of the year of 2007 so far to catch you up to speed:

January 2007

PNWPBR obtains Incorporated status with the Washington Secretary of State
PNWPBR obtains their business licence in the State of Washington
PNWPBR obtains their Federal EIN number

February 2007

PNWPBR holds it's first official board meeting!
Gaia and her babies are pulled from Yakima, WA and brought into the rescue. This was our first litter raised as a group and a great experience.

March 2007

PNWPBR preps for their first event as a organized group, the annual Pet Expo

April 2007

PNWPBR attends the 2007 Pet and Companion Fair (
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May 2007

PNWPBR is asked to attend a news interview promoting the Purina Rally to Rescue event with Drew Carney!
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June 2007

PNWPBR attends the NW Working Dogs Expo ( and CGC Certifies one of their adoptable dogs, Petey. Also, we helped TT test and certify NINE of the finest PNW Pit Bulls! Congrats to all that passed!!!!!!!
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The same weekend as the Working Dogs Expo, our team was at the Purina Rally to Rescue at the Portland Rose Festival! We got some great exposure and helped educate the public on our misunderstood breed. Way to go team!
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Well that's the first half of 2007 in a nutshell and June isn't even half over yet! Keep tuned in for more great things to come from PNWPBR!


Anonymous said...

Help! My 84 yr old mother is trying to board my incarcerated brothers three dogs. Two of which are pitbulls. The two males aren't getting along. I need the dog out asap. Hels a very friendly dog
Except to Foster. I need a home for him or ill have to put him down. Please help!!!
Jeff. 253 632 1778

Kimberly-MyPets said...

I think you are amazing. I love big dogs and it breaks my heart to hear about the bad rap pit bulls have gotten because of neglectful and cruel owners. Keep up the good work!


Anonymous said...

Please help me to find homes for my two babies. Last Sunday I did something dog was on a leash and another dog ran up on us and I picked up my dog and he juststarted biting in the air and got my face. I know now that I should not have picked him up but I did and now I have to get rid of him. I have had him since the day he was born and he is nuetered and the biggest baby you have ever seen. I love him so much...he doesnt deserve to die because of my stupidity. Please if you want a loverbug that just wants to love and be loved please call me @3602443623

Anonymous said...

We need help finding a home for our 1 year old pitbull. He's very social, and gentle with people, incluing children. Unfortunately he's outgrown our small space, and needs a place where he can run.

We'd like to see him with a family that loves him as much as we do.

Please help.
josh. 503 333 1778

Anonymous said...

I have a 1 and a half year old pit bull who i need a home for ASAP! i have been caught in a bad living situation, and he will have to be put down if i cant find a home for him soon. please contact me if you know of anyone or you would like to adopt! i can be reached at (360)920-3516. thanks!

Dan said...

please help. I have a male pitbull that will have to be put to sleep if I cannot find him a home. he is an excellent obedient dog who loves people and other dogs. He is about 8 years old and has a lot of life left in him. I cannot have him here where I live so he must go within the next couple of days. His name is Tugger and loves to walk and play tug of war. He is an indoor dog and I really don't want to put him to sleep but he needs to go to a good home. Please call Dan at 503-757-5578 if you want a pitbull with a gentle kind soul.

Mary Brezinski said...

I have two pit bull mixes, Ollie & Cylde, that are seriously the best dogs ever. They are brothers that get along with every dog they have ever come in contact with and love kids and people. They are loyal, loving, and perfect, but they are making it impossible for me to find a place to live. I can't just give them up because it would smash my heart, but if anyone knows of anyone who will love them as much as me and won't separate them and give them the time and love they deserve, please email me at THanks and have a great day!

alyicia said...

looking for someone to help. my female pitbull named kymber needs a new home. aside from her i have a female black lab and a large male german shepard/husky mix. kymber and the male have teamed up on my lab and the behavior is unacceptable. kymber is a very friendly loving good natured pit. she was a rescue and was doing quite well with the other dogs and the baby but then she started getting very territorial. she needs to be relocated immediately. on the medical side of things, the only thing that i can tell about is that she is about three years old, has littered at least one set of puppies and has her shots. the other issue is that i am moving into a park and they do not allow pitbulls and i would rather not take her to the pound. please help!
alyicia. 360-250-8659. thank you.

ericaf said...

a brindle young neutered pit bull mix. He was in Normandale Park this morning (wed 9/28/11) with no collar or anything. he also has no micro chip. He is well behaved and was obviously loved by someone! i know its a long shot but if you know someone who maybe lost this dog please let me know
503 953 0234
ps. thank you pit bull rescue, you all are doing amazing work and it is much appreciated!!

Anonymous said...

hello i need help i have fell on hard times i have a 3 year old pit with a gentle soul it brakes my hart i have tryed everything in my power to keep this angel in my life but cant do it i dont want to see him put down i need your help asap i have to have in a new home bye 10/23/11 his name is pete and is trained has all shots in fixed a pretty boy who gets a long with everyone my name is kayli 605 545 7766

Anonymous said...

Please help me find a good and loving home for my 5 yr old pit-bull. His name is spike. It really does break my heart to have to get rid of him but i am a single mom of two children now( just recently had a baby) i can no longer afford him. I only work part time i have tried my best to ask people i know if they want him but i haven't had any luck. He is awesome with children, loves to go for walks, play fetch,loves the water,great with kids(he has never bit anyone) overall a very outgoing dog. Please if anyone is interested or knows someone e-mail me I DO NOT want him put to sleep he is just to good of a dog to but that is looking like my only option.If anyone has any other questions please feel free to ask. Thank You

Sarah said...

Help! I need my pitbull saved. he needs to be removed from the home he is in and if he is adopted he will get aggressive. please call sarah at 971-270-7019 immediately. thank you!

ginag said...

I have a beautiful pitbull mixed with dutch shephard. She is 6 years old and spayed. Has lived with small dogs and cats all of her life and gets along with them however can be aggressive towards other dogs outside the home. Please call 503-754-4071

Anonymous said...

Ruby Roo needs a new home where she will be the ONLY dog. She is super affectionate, smart, trained, and a georgeous solid red. She LOVES people, but she has been getting more aggressive with my other dogs, so I need to rehome her. Please call Catherine 503 858 5865

Anonymous said...

I need help ASAP, I have a 11month old pit/mastiff mix I rescued from going to the pound,when I adopted he was said to be good with kids and pets,well hes not ok with my toddler,kids make him nervous. I have three children he has to go asap or I am forced to take him to the pound. He is utd on all shots,worming,etc,and is microchipped.He is good with my female dog but not small critters. If you can help please email THANK YOU